​Just some of what we cover:

- Using Fault Scanners / VCDS 

- Ford Galaxy Forum

- Ford S-Max Forum

- Ford C-Max Forum

- Oil and Filter Service information

- Drivability Problems

- Customisation

- Parts and Pricing help

- Tyres

- Brake Discs and Pad renewal

- Exhaust systems

- Steering problems

- Suspension problems

- Electrical Faults


Contact Us:

All contact should be done using the forum, however in rare occasions is may be necessary to contact us via email. Should you need to do this then please use admin@fordmpv.com

Note! Anything not directly relating to the website and/or its running will be disregarded. Use the forum for technical posts and questions!

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Welcome to FordMPV.com, a specialist website set-up to cover Ford Europe's range of Multi-Purpose-Vehicles or MPV's. Everything on this site is free, our aim is to unite DIY'ers, drivers, mechanics and auto electricians together to share knowledge and drive down the cost of motoring. We have three forums, the Ford Galaxy Forum, Ford S-Max Forum and Ford C-Max Forum - use the link above to visit the forums. Our Ford Galaxy forum covers the largest MPV Ford make and the S-Max Forum takes care or the sportier model. Finally the C-Max Forum brings up Fords smaller MPV.

FordMPV.com was setup in November of 2011 (Yes we are that new!) and is slowly growing as a resource website designed to help all drivers of Ford's MPV's.​ If you look around the internet the MPV sector gets a little left behind with owners clubs and forum sites either being thin on the ground or lacking in the administration skills needed to effectively share the knowledge they have. We have specifically designed FordMPV.com to combat this which is why it runs the latest version of the popular SMF Forum software, has three administrators so there is never a shortage of "staff" and finally why each model has a specific "Reference Library" which contains common faults, solutions and technical information. ​FordMPV.com primarily caters for Ford's larger MPV's - The Ford Galaxy and S-Max. We have smaller sections for the C-Max and the new B-Max. Since the original Galaxy was a joint venture with the VW Audi group (VAG) we therefore welcome drivers of Volkswagens Sharan and SEAT's Alhambra. 

Within each models "Reference Library" we have technical posts that cover some of the more common faults, problems and maintenance items. For example you'll find information on:

Galaxy Mk2 - Common Faults
Galaxy Mk2 TDI - Whats what in the engine bay?
Galaxy Mk2 - Removing the Steering Wheel and Cowling
Galaxy Mk2 - Door Card Removal
Galaxy Mk1 & Mk2 - Water in Footwell? Windscreen & Sun roof drainage
Galaxy Mk1 & Mk2 Replacing booster heater glow plug on D3WZ & D5WZ
Galaxy Mk1 & Mk2 ABS warning light on while driving
Galaxy Mk1 & Mk2 TDI - Glow plug light flashing while driving
Galaxy Mk2 Climate contol panel flashing after starting engine
Galaxy Mk1 & Mk2 TDI version Relay 109
Galaxy Mk2 - MFD1 Navigation System User Guide
Galaxy Mk1 & Mk2 - Pollen filter replacement
Galaxy - Wiring terminal identifications
Galaxy Mk2 - Gaining Access to Central Junction Box Fuses & Relays
Galaxy Diesel - Glow Plug Testing and Measuring
Galaxy Mk2 - Trip meter resetting each time
Galaxy TDI - Alternator Replacement / Renewel
Galaxy Mk2 - Lamp (Bulb) Specifications
Galaxy Mk2 - Xenon (HID) Headlight Knowledge-base
Galaxy Mk2 - Traction Control ESP Clockspring Calibration
Galaxy Mk2 - Enabling Distance to Empty Feature
Galaxy - Mk2 Instrument Cluster Signs and Meanings
Galaxy Mk1/Mk2 - VCDS / VagCom Controller Soft Coding
Galaxy Mk2 TDI - Using VCDS/Vag-Com to Diagnose Faults with the PD Engine
Galaxy - Mk2 Headlight Removal
Galaxy - Parking sensor faults / PDC Systen (Mk2)
Galaxy - Electronic engine sensor locations (2.3 Petrol)
Galaxy - Electronic engine sensor locations (1.9 TDI)
Galaxy - Radio wiring and pin-outs
Galaxy - Adjusting the idle speed (1.9 TDI Mk2)
Galaxy Mk1 & Mk2 Changing fuel filter on TDI versions
Galaxy Mk1 & Mk2 Automatic transmission fluid level check
Galaxy Mk1 TDI Air bubbles in fuel pipes
Galaxy Mk2 TDI Recommended engine oil for PD engines ANU,AUY,ASZ,ARL
Galaxy Mk2 - Auxiliary Booster Heater Guide
Galaxy Mk2 - Intake Manifold Cleaning
Galaxy Mk2 Front bumper cover removal
Galaxy Mk1 & Mk2 Knocking/rattling noises from front suspension
Galaxy Mk1 TDI Charge Pressure Control Hose Routing
Galaxy Mk2 TDI Charge pressure hose routing diagram
Galaxy (All) - Heater blowing cold air and engine overheating underload
Galaxy Mk2 - Gearbox Drive Stub Axel and Half shaft (Inner Drive Shaft)
Galaxy - Windscreen wipers slow or not working?
Galaxy TDI - Removing and Cleaning the Turbo

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Fords MPV Lineup:

Galaxy Mk1 & Mk2::

The 1st generation of Ford Galaxy was launched in 1995, face lifted in 2000 and replaced in 2006. This model was a joint venture with the VW Audi Group (VAG) group and is around 80% identical to the VW Sharan and SEAT Alhambra​

Galaxy Mk3:

In 2006 the Ford Galaxy Mk3 was launched, this is a completely new vehicle and has no connection with the previous Galaxy or the VAG counterparts.


Launched in the same year as the Mk3 Galaxy, the S-Max is designed to be more estate like then people carrier whilst still being very versatile.